Mural at Heatons Bridge? Have your say.

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Scarisbrick Parish Council is being consulted on a proposal to paint a canal-side mural on the supports of a local bridge and would be interested in the views of residents of the parish.

Lancashire County Council have received an enquiry from a local artist to paint a mural on the supports of the bridge which carries the B5242 (Heatons Bridge Road) over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (see map below). LCC are now consulting on the proposal and have received support from the Canal and Rivers Trust.


The artist is a Burscough resident who is offering his services free of charge. He is an urban artist of 25 years experience with a passion for transforming urban spaces with images of nature and wildlife. He has identified the walls of the bridge supports along the canal towpath (and opposite) for his project. One of the walls is currently covered in graffiti (see below).


The artist has submitted two examples of the type of work which he hopes to gain permission to create. These are shown below.



The artist will cover the costs for the entire project and will use water-based eco-friendly paint which is free from solvents. Minimal space is required to carry out the work and the canal towpath will not be closed. The artist is confident, based on previous experience, that once completed the mural will be well-received and a long lasting feature.

Scarisbrick Parish Council will be considering its response to the consultation at the next meeting of the council (September). Any feedback/comments that you might like to offer would be welcome. Please  comment by Monday 30th August using the council’s email address ( or the comments page on this website which can be found here. Please submit your postcode with your comments – it would be useful to have your name and address but this is not essential.

4 thoughts on “Mural at Heatons Bridge? Have your say.

  1. Kim Oldfield

    Very forward thinking idea yes brilliant.
    Design would need to be appropriate to area maybe including some wildlife and local history. Really lovely for walkers and boats passing through.

  2. Andy Williams

    Impressed with Bird option .
    Big improvement on existing graffiti at no cost to residents


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