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Lancashire County Council’s Pothole Campaign 2020/21

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Lancashire County Council (LCC) are running a campaign to promote the work of their highways maintenance service and encourage online participation in the NHT (National Highways and Transport) survey. The survey gives residents the opportunity to comment on the area’s roads and can be completed online here.


With a combination of wet and cold winter weather, this is the time of year when potholes tend to pop up. A video of LCC’s highways engineers answering frequently asked questions with regard to potholes can be watched below.


LCC aim to assess all reported potholes within two working days and the most serious cases should be fixed immediately, with less serious cases repaired from 5 days on major routes up to 20 days on less used routes. More information on how LCC manage potholes, including the required depths for repair, can be accessed here.

Should you wish to report a pothole this can be done online on LCC’s Report It page on their website.

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