Crime and Policing

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Rural crime has been something of a growth industry across the country over the past few years. Scarisbrick is susceptible to this type of crime because its location invites cross-border criminality from adjacent conurbations. The police cannot be everywhere and often the price of continued safety is vigilance, for which we all have a responsibility.

Technology undoubtedly helps, particularly as we have experienced cuts in front-line policing. The opportunity recently arose for the Parish Council to enter into partnership with West Lancashire Borough Council to provide two additional CCTV cameras for the Parish. This was considered to be a particularly good deal as the Borough Council would assume the running costs for the cameras. However, we have since been overtaken by events and I am pleased to report that the Borough Council will now take on the total cost of supplying and running the cameras. The precise locations for the new cameras are yet to be confirmed. It is likely that they will be at strategic sites on the A570, monitoring routes into the Parish from Sefton and Merseyside.

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