Meeting Minutes – October 2014

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Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 8.00pm in the Village Hall on Monday 6th October 2014.


  • Councillor M. Forshaw (in the Chair)
  • Councillor Mrs J. Marshall
  • Councillor D. Oakes
  • Councillor A. Williams
  • Councillor H. Ascroft
  • Councillor J. Hankin
  • Councillor P. Packwood
  • Councillor C. Marshall
  • Councillor Mrs M. Edwards
  • Councillor I. Tinsley
  • Mr J. Herbert (Clerk – in attendance)
  • County Councillor C. Dereli
  • Sixteen members of the public were also present.


14/190   APOLOGIES.

There were none.



Councillor H. Ascroft declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in agenda item 14/197(a).

Councillor C. Marshall declared a personal interest in agenda item 14/197(a).



It was resolved that the minutes of the ordinary meeting held on Monday 1st September  2014 were a true record and should be signed by the Chairman.



Prizes for this year’s Garden Competition were presented by the Chairman.

A resident enquired as to progress regarding the provision of a new bus stop on Gorsuch Lane (the Clerk responded as outlined in Item 14/206 of these minutes). He also expressed concern regarding the non-publication of Scarisbrick Village Matters.

A resident expressed concern regarding the state of various public footpaths in the Parish. County Councillor Dereli said that she was investigating public footpath complaints.

A resident stated that WLBC had refused to allocate her son and daughter-in-law an affordable home within the Parish as they did not yet have a family.

A local landowner expressed his dismay that LCC had made an Order to add a claimed public footpath to the Definitive Map. The route crosses his land and he outlined his objections.


14/194   PLANNING.

The following applications were considered and the decisions taken as shown.

  1. 2014/0838/FUL – 163 Bescar Lane, Scarisbrick, L40 9QR. – No objection.
  2. 2014/0922/COU – Jacksons Common Farm, Harridge Lane, Scarisbrick. – No objection.
  3. 2014/0943/FUL – 19 – 21 Southport Road, Scarisbrick, PR8 5JF. – No objection.
  4. 2014/1023/FUL – 32 Snape Green, Scarisbrick, Lancashire. PR8 5LN. – No objection.
  5. 2014/0980/FUL – Land Adjacent To 1 To 7 Hillock Close, Scarisbrick. – No objection (Councillor Mrs J. Marshall abstained). 


14/195   FINANCE.

  1. It was resolved that the invoice for the replacement bus shelters (insurance claim) should be paid prospectively as requested by the contractor. It was further resolved that our insurers’ offer to pay a £1,825 initial contribution be accepted, with the balance (£2,225) to be paid by this Council and recouped from the insurers at a later date.
  2. It was resolved that the following accounts be passed for payment:

* Includes:

  • Mobile phone monthly tariff and credit agreement @ £34.05
  • Travelling (55 miles @ 45p/mile)
  • Printer ink cartridge @ £21.00
  • Stationery and stamps @ £15.49
  • Website (hosting and domain name registration for 2 years) @ £118.31
  • Companies House research (re. Mercuri) @ £1.00

N.B.   Cheques for Garden Competition prizes were signed prior to this meeting, as resolved at the Council meeting of 1st September 2014 (minuted at Item14/186c). Expenditure under provisions of LGA 1972, s.137 (benefit to community is environment/well-being/health).



It was resolved to proceed with the Working Group’s recommendations to replace two bus shelters (New Hall Drive and Carr Cross), arrange repairs as listed (within the stated budget), and authorise Councillor Mrs. Marshall to arrange disposal of shelters at New Hall Drive, Carr Cross, and St Mark’s School in the sum of £80 per shelter.



Councillor H. Ascroft left the room (having declared a disclosable pecuniary interest). Members expressed concern regarding LCC’s Definitive Map Modification Order (Bescar Brow Lane to footpath 14A), citing the plethora of footpaths within the Parish (which LCC struggle to maintain) and drainage maintenance issues relating to Sandy Brook.

It was resolved that Councillors Oakes, Marshall and the Clerk should draft and submit an objection on behalf of this Council.

Councillor H. Ascroft was then recalled and resumed his place at the meeting.

The poor condition of some public footpaths within the Parish was discussed. The Clerk reported that obstruction was LCC’s priority; complaints about routine maintenance were placed on a long waiting list. He outlined proposals for transferring maintenance to Parish Councils, which will be placed on a future agenda pending further information from LCC.

It was resolved that the Clerk be informed of maintenance issues to pass on to LCC.



It was the recollection of members that the notice board is the property of this Council.

It was resolved to authorise repairs to the Perspex window.



The Clerk reported that he and Councillor Oakes will be putting forward a motion for consideration at the LALC AGM on the 8th November.

He reported on a meeting with shadow minister Barry Gardiner MP. Inequity in funding of IDBs was highlighted. Existing Boards attract substantial Government funding, new Boards will not. Mr Gardiner said that he would take this issue back to Westminster. Concern was also expressed regarding a failure of local funding, with a WLBC spokesman reported as saying that the majority of the Borough would not obtain benefit from the expenditure.

Members made the point that the current lack of an accurate modelling exercise did not help the situation. It was reported that Dan Rogerson MP will no longer be visiting the catchment.

It was resolved keep the issue in the public domain and lobby Mr Rogerson’s replacement (Liz Truss MP) and the chief executive of LCC.



Resignations and vacancies have left a significant void within the management group of Scarisbrick Newsletter Association with lack of publication of Scarisbrick Village Matters.

It was resolved that the chairman would discuss with the chairman of the Association.


14/201   WW1 WORKING GROUP. 

The Clerk reported on progress, the Group’s concerns regarding funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the desirability to find alternative funding streams (including the precept).

It was resolved to revisit the issue of funding once costs had been clearly determined.



It was resolved to support the Parish clergy’s initiative for such a service. 



The Clerk reported that the budget heading for bus shelters is expected to be overspent by about £5,400 due to the purchase of new bus shelters. This expenditure was not included in the budget, it being previously resolved to meet the cost from reserves. Expenditure under the remaining budget headings is currently predicted to come within budget.   



It was resolved to defer this item to the next meeting.



It was resolved to approve amended standing order 3L and adopt the revised document.


14/206   CLERK’S REPORT.

The following items were noted: 

  1. WLBC – (a) Received an email containing background information regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy (circulated); (b) Received notification of Code of Conduct training sessions. Members should inform the Clerk if they wish to attend.
  2. LCC – LCC are currently in consultation with the police regarding new bus stops on Gorsuch and Jacksmere Lanes. They will respond to this Council’s enquiry shortly.
  3. LALC– Received notification of Freedom of Information/data protection courses (circulated). Members should inform the Clerk if they wish to register.
  4. LBKV – Scarisbrick Marina and Master McGraths Restaurant were both highly commended in the Certificate of Merit entries.
  5. North West Ambulance Service – Received a reply from correspondence (circulated).
  6. Department of Transport – Received a reply from correspondence (circulated).
  7. Friends of Bescar Lane Station – Received a letter of thanks (circulated).
  8. Website – Webhosting and domain name ( have been purchased for two years. The site is currently undergoing some modifications and off-line testing.
  9. 3-Parishes Meeting – There was discussion around public footpaths, forthcoming changes to public transport provision with emphasis on community transport initiatives, and how Parishes may have input into public health improvement schemes. Details will be circulated and issues discussed through future agendas.
  10. Policing – Last month’s crime figures will be circulated to members when available.



Councillor Tinsley reported that a meeting of the Peter Lathom Charity will take place shortly. Councillor Mrs Marshall reported that the defibrillator is now installed and operational in Master McGraths restaurant.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.24pm.

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