Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.

– Oscar Wilde

Scarisbrick has a large population, all people who have experiences and memories of the area from their lifetime.  These memories are important in how we shape our future.  Please leave memories of your life in Scarisbrick using the form below, and see what other members of the community have remembered.

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  • Start of Christmas

    Coming out of the Christingle Service at St Mark’s Church on Christmas Eve into a dark, cold December evening feels like the real start of Christmas to me. Having sung carols and watched the children receive their orange with a lit candle we go home to a warm fire and nibble on ‘Nigella’ cooked ham straight from the oven. Ah!

  • New Millennium

    Getting up early to take photographs of the first sunrise of the new Millennium over Scarisbrick. Strange really, it doesn’t look different from any other! Perhaps I should have put the date on the photographs !?!?

  • Conkers

    I always remember collecting conkers in the wood on Bescar Brow Lane with my Granddad.

  • Lunch and Football

    It’s the late sixties. My memory as a student at St. Mark’s Primary is of playing football on the hard surface of the carpark. No synthetic ball mind, but a real, leather ‘case ball’ with stitching. Every day, just as the game got to the “next goal wins stage” all the boys would have to race inside to put the tables out for lunch.