Superfast Broadband has arrived in Scarisbrick.

Superfast Broadband

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Scarisbrick Village Matters have recently reported that superfast broadband has arrived at telephone exchanges servicing parts of Scarisbrick, with a sticker being spotted on the BT box near St Mark’s Church. This comes hot on the heals of a local 4G mobile network rollout, meaning that Scarisbrick finally seems to be catching up with other towns and cities in the North West of England.

But what does this mean to Scarisbrick and its residents? One of the first things people think of when they hear “superfast broadband” is their improved personal use of the internet, such as using social media, streaming films and music, watching catch up TV and online gaming.

Businesses can also take advantage of high internet speeds, allowing their employees to work remotely outside the office and use cloud computing to reduce costs. A local business would also be able to improve their communication with clients and customers, with the new technology allowing more efficient transfer of files as well as the opportunity to use the internet to make phone and video calls.

On a global and national scale, fast internet speeds are supporting the advent of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). This is a term describing the connection of devices to each other via the internet and it already has practical uses in the home, for example, turning on the lights automatically when someone gets home. In the future, IoT could allow for real time transfer of health data to our hospitals without the need to visit a GP. Of local interest, it could allow farmers to track cattle movements on their mobile phone via tags on the animals or allow the farmer to use online tools to check soil quality to increase crop yield.

What does the arrival of superfast internet mean to you – the residents of Scarisbrick? Are slow speeds holding you or your business back, or is the internet simply something you could do without? What would be your vision for a faster, more connected Scarisbrick? Please share your thoughts using the Comments form below or by sending us a message from the “Contact Us” page, or tweet us @Scarisbrick2day.

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